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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Super Yacht with Style the 2018 Jeanneau 64 By: Ian Van Tuyl

Jeanneau 64

Born of a close partnership between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch, the Jeanneau 64 features elegant lines with classic proportions. Contemporary deck styling gives the yacht a timeless appeal.

Every Jeanneau Yacht is designed to be a sailor’s boat, and the Jeanneau 64 is no exception. This flagship is secure, fast, and enjoyable to sail. Philippe Briand has delivered a modern hull that incorporates a hard chine for increased speed, stability, and interior volume. 

The latest addition to the Jeanneau line up! The new 2017 Jeanneau 64 Yacht has been years in the planning, this immaculate yacht has been designed to provide much of the same comfort found on the Jeanneau 57 yacht but on a grander scale. The new flagship of the Jeanneau line up is truly a wonder to behold. 

Life aboard a yacht is lived in the fresh air. Careful attention has been paid to the way we spend time on board, with dedicated spaces for relaxation, reading, cooking, dining and sunbathing. You will find living areas for gathering with family and friends and quiet spaces for communing with natural surroundings.

The Jeanneau 64 hull was designed by Phillippe Briand, a true master among naval architects accustomed to designing many of the most prestigious super yachts. His design goal when designing the Jeanneau 64 was to design a super yacht at a human scale. 

The Jeanneau 64 is designed to bring you everything that has made Jeanneau line up so popular, as well as combining the design elements Briand has incorporated into super yacht designs. The Jeanneau 64 is designed to provide immense comfort but is also unquestionably a sailors boat. 

For additional information on this Jeanneau 64 yacht please contact Ian Van Tuyl the Jeanneau Yachts specialist. Please feel free to contact me at any time day or night and I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully earning your business.


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